"Such an awesome show! Love our Small Pond family!" ... Pat L.

"They are all hilarious but Momma [Carin Torp] is dead pan hysterical!" ... Lu W.

Dear Small Pond Community,
I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Friday night's performance of "The Crucible." I was pleased to see that young girls played age appropriate parts. The dialogue was rich and delivered with such great emotion I found myself forgetting this was a play but felt I had been transported back in history into a slice of New England history. In addition, I recognized faces, but that familiarity soon vanished once the character emerged.
The costumes were impressive and reflected the simple, stark and practical "no frill" life these people endured.
I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to attend such wonderful productions created by the passionate members of the Monadnock theater groups and Small Pond is one of my favorites.
I know you will continue to present quality theater for all of us who love live theater.
To paraphrase a quote I once heard from an author I do not remember (that is why I do not perform;-) , "Live Theater is an art...movies are just film, and TV is a piece of furniture."
Bravo to you all.

~Carol E. S., Keene, NH, email received 10/7/07


​​"It was a wonderful show!! You all did a great job! Mr. Bailey was awesome!!"... Sue B.

"Great job in the Play T [Tara Gillard]!!! Fun watching you again!! Had me laughing out loud!!" ..... Jana L.​​

​​​​​​​​​"Just saw Small Pond's production "Best Little Whorehouse." Great show, great cast." ... Lynn N.​​​​​​

"You were great Tara [Gillard]!!!" ... Maria G.

​​​​​​​​​​"Great show! All the hours put into this by all of you was well worth it. I enjoyed it very much​." ... Pam M.​​​​​​

"Kate Flower, you were fantastic in HTA. What a voice. And what hair! Hope you get a great audience because you girls deserve it."... Michael R.​​​​​​​​

"Excellent show!" ... Karen C.

"Wait 'til you see these three bombshells knock your socks off as they sing their boots off! A sweet story, great foot-stomping music to sing along with, and also some there-won't-be-a-dry-eye-in-the-house songs, and that's all she wrote! (Nope, don't want to spoil anything by talking about the great costumes, neither!)." ... Mia M.​​​​​​

"It was a wonderful time seeing old friends in a very festive and fun show! Bravo to all!" …  Molly M.

"What a wonderful performance!!! Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!" ... Nancy L.

​​​​​"Congrats to the cast and production team of the Small Pond production of "Waiting For Goudot". Chris McCartie, Bert Torsey, Byran Hebert, Rich Booth, and Niko McPherson all did an exceptional job! Not sure how these people could memorize so many lines!!" ... JoAnne M.​​

Letter from Rev. Emily Preston, dated December 5, 2017 ...

​Dear Ms. Booth,

 Just a brief note to say how complete impressed my friend and I were by the performance of "It's A Wonderful Life" last Sunday afternoon ... I was. actually exhausted by the last Act, all the movement and heavy emotion so well portrayed by the actors. It was extraordinary, really!

​The main characters were, of course, amazing in their delivery of lines and facial expressions - especially Rich Clough, Andy Cooke, Ray Mahoney. Actually it seemed that every single character (all children, the wives, etc.) ALL did such a professional job with their lines, etc. ... the whole experience made my day quite Joyous in the midst of some very tough times - and my friend felt she ha really had a very special birthday gift!

​So thanks ver much to every one of you (the stage and scenery folks as well) and I'm already looking forward to next December!

​​"You did a great job. Loved the show, everyone did a wonderful job!"... Louann C.

"Absolutely fantastic and fun - great fun!!!" ... Sarah B.

"Want to be a Yooper? Go see Small Pond Productions' "Escanaba in da Moonlight" - Holy Wha! It's da most hilarious! Bert Torsey, Rich Booth, Jonathan Flower, Bubba Delawless, and Bryan Hebert II (and a cameo by Maria Weidman-Muskus) - all directed by Traci Booth (check out her shoes!) - were absolutely drop-dead, knee-slappin' hee-hawin' guffawin' funny! I laughed so hard my sides hurt (and that Rich sings one awesome spiritual!). There's another cameo - in print. Check the program. Whose Mama's dat in da diner ad? I know..." ~ Mia M. via FaceBook, May/June 2011​​​​​​​​

"Bravo, All! What a great show - what a great adaptation."... Mia M.

"It was such a great show!" ... JoAnne M.

" Great production last night. Fun time, lots of laughs." ... Amanda B.

​​​​​​"Thank you for another fantastic show!!" ... Sarah B.​​

​​​​​​​​​"Great Job!" ... Antionette P.​​​​​​

"Really fun show, laughed all night!!" ... Meg K.

"It was a wonderful show! We loved it!" ... Lori B.

"Congrats on a wonderful show! Twins-who knew?? Merry Christmas!" ... Terry C.

"Great fun going to the 50's 60's show in Marlborough tonight. Small Pond Productions revisited some great music that brought back fond memories of growing up in the 60's! Loved the wall from the show "Laugh In"! They had the audience up on our feet dancing and singing. Now I am back at home....trying to remember what year this is! " ... ​Joanne M.

"Wonderful, fantastic, awesome, funny- YOU JUST NEED TO GO SEE IT!!!!!!!! "... Jean P.

"Great time, thanks.." …  Anthony M.

"What a show what a show what a show, Bravo to all of you!!!! " ... Barb A.

​​​​​​​​​"This was a great show awesome cast!!!​" ... Star S.​​​​​​

​​​​​​​"Congrats to the cast of TBLWIT! We had such a great time last night and it was so good to see you all!" ... Kate F.​​​​

"It was well done and very funny." ... Charles N.

"Great show. Congrats to all and your amazing talent." …  Freddie M.

"Great show!!!" ... Danielle B.

"Bravo to all, great teamwork, fun show, both Mel and I truly enjoyed being entertained and seeing the story line unfold & unravel. Perfect timing to do this show during the Royal Wedding (which was beautiful btw if you were UP) !  Best with the rest of your runs...! 
Nice touches in all areas... within the community house and your ushers, too. Nice pre show music, Sharon & Bryan. Lovely refreshment table. Great opening night energy!!!!" ...
xoxo, Barb A

​​​​​​​​​"This has got to be one of their best shows.  Watching Traci and Dean was really like watching 2 old friends gettin' through the rough times. We loved every minute!" ... Meg K.​​​​​​

​​"We went last night, don't miss this show. If this doesn't get you in the Christmas spirit, nothing will!" ... Meg K.

​​​​​​​​​​"Loved this! singers! And you rocked it last night, Sonia! Very impressed!!!" ... Christy W.​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​​​"This production was superb! So many talented actors and singers! Loved it!" ... Barb M.​​​​​​

"Bravo!! Why wasn't this made into a musical years and years ago? Gorgeous production! Certainly put me in the holiday mood. Worth every penny and more just to see Henry's (Parkhurst) facial expressions!" ~ Vesta H., FaceBook comment 12/5/2010​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​​"Amazing show!!!" ... Tori B.​​​​​​

"Congratulations on an outstanding performance of A Christmas Story.This was our first visit but it wont be our last. Please put us on your mailing list. " ~ Byron and Cynthia N. - Hancock, NH, E-mail received 12/04/2010​​​​​​​​

"You all did a wonderful job Boy...you sinner." ... Amanda G.

"Wonderful to see my friend Henry Parkhurst involved." …  Heather L.

"It was terrific. Maybe a sequel is in order!" ... Danielle B.

"Hi, all, just wanted to pass along that one of my friends came up to me specifically to tell me how much she enjoyed the show. . . she has been singing the songs all week. . . Thanks for bringing joy to others' lives (including my own)!  hugs, carin

"Saw it last night! So great and so so funny!" ... Ryan C.

" Great show." ... Terri W.

"Sorry we didn't get a chance to catch you yesterday after the show, but we thought you [Heather Morrison] and Willow were great ​." ... Kate F.

"It was amazing as usual ! Can't wait for the next one! We love you all!" …  Pamela M.

"Awesome performance today, everyone! So glad I came to see it!! " ~ Christy W. via FaceBook, May/June 2011​​​​​​​​

"Great show!... Louann C.

​​​​​​"Wonderful performance!! Excellent actors!!" ... Nancy L.​​

"You guys are awesome! Incredible actors/singers! Such a pleasure to watch you all perform! Can't wait to see the next one! I need better words to describe the experience. It’s beyond awesome every time! Sometimes we have seen a play 2 nights in a row cause you guys are just that good! " ... ​Pamela M.

​​​​​​"Great show Sonia Kibbee. You did a great job. We loved it!" ... Lori B.​​

​​​​​​​"Last night's performance of A Christmas Carol was wonderful. We had a great time."... Tania H.​​

"It's a Wonderful Life' was..... Wonderful! We loved it!." ... ​Jane T.

"You [Heather Morrison] were a gorgeous and moving Hester --- as I said to Wendy [A.] after ---- it takes a real finesse -- you have to believe she could tempt the minister yet believe she is a puritan (or whatever they were) at heart and thus not flashy -- you were elegant and strong --- really wonderful!" ... Molly M.

"It was a fun show!" ... Christine N.

"It's a great show!!" …  Lauralei K.

"Oh, goodness!!!! What a great show! Expertly directed and delivered. I hope you are both  [Rich and Traci Booth] so proud of your work. You brought a lot of fun and laughter to the world, and that’s no small task right now! Love you both! " ... Kristen L.

"Well done, Tara [Gillard]!" ... Megan C.

​​​"Fabulous production!!! ... Kay L.

"Just saw The Scarlet Letter in a very faithful adaptation at Small Pond players in Marlborough. The "A" is for "adultery" but get this, her husband sent her to America and then she didn't hear from him for two years. She thought he was dead and then had a child out of wedlock. Can you imagine anyone getting excited about that today? OK except for some republicans, of course. Heather Morrison is excellent as Hester and her daughter [Willow Morrison] plays her daughter very effectively and very movingly done.​" ... Dan P.

"I second that, Dan. Saw the show on Thursday. A very affecting performance with special kudos for Heather Morrison and Willow. Beautifully done!!"... Damien L.

"Honky Tonk Angels was incredible fun. Great sing along songs from back in the day and some very poignant songs. Loved Angels Among Us. That song made many of us teary eyed. Great job Kate Flower, Traci Booth and Lisa Perreault. I really think there are angels among us who are here on earth to help and guide us. I know I have many." ... Debbie P.​​

​​​​​​"Kudos to Small Pond's Waiting for Godot! Rich Traci Booth, Bert Torsey, Chris McCartie, Bryan Hebert II and youth actor, Niko. Excellent all around, Directed by Rich Booth, a very unexpected show. Such a group of experienced thespians was needed to pull this one off." ... Barb A.

​​"It was a wonderful show, and it was fun to see everyone. Merry Christmas to a true angel!"... Terry C.

"John Sansone, Rich & Traci Booth, Clough, Sonia Kibbee, Carin Torp, Meg E Kupiec, Susan Wilbur, David Ganio, David Chase, Bryan Hebert II, Sharon McHugh, Lisa Dustin Perreault, Lauri Sumner Blouin, Clare Margand & dear Kay Simpson Lucius plus all the new comers & the children! BRAVO for a fun opening night full of energy and just good fun to help chase the blues away of the world! Break many more legs the rest of the weekend!" …  Barb A.

"Well done sir [Bryan Hebert]! " ... Timothy L.

"Really fun opening night for HTA with many singers in the audience, too with knee slappin' fun:) Mel came home and got out his Tammy Wynette vinyl and played me a few songs this afternoon. He knows more country than I do. He had fun harmonizing in the back seat with Rich, Jonathan, JoJo, Arthur & Lauralei! Break many more legs tonight and have a great remaining run this weekend and next! Hee haw:)" ... Barb A.​​​​

"It was so fun!!!" …  Sue W.

​​​​​​​​​"We thoroughly enjoyed the show. You guys were great!!​" ... Sherry C.​​​​​​

"I grinned from start to finish!" ... Deanl E.

"Wonderful job last night. I couldn't stop grinning the whole time. I brought my grandma and it was a wonderful memory to share with her. Thank you! Best of luck next weekend. SO MUCH FUN!"... Deanna Z.​​​​

"Congrats to the Escanaba crew~ You guys were fantastic!" ~ Kate W. via FaceBook, May/June 2011

"A great show, really loved it. Saw it two times." ... Louann C.

"Lauri [Blouin] kudos to you & the cast! Great evening. I laughed so much! ." …   Laura G.

"Escanaba in da Moonlight - thoroughly entertaining! Great job." ~ Debbie P. via FaceBook, May/June 2011​​​​​​​​

"Wonderful time... great shows with lots of love." …  Amanda S.

​​​​​​​​​"AMAZING SHOW! WELL DONE CAST! " ... Marta H.​​​​​​

"Hilarious show! If you don't see it, you are a fudge sucking troll...." ~ Joshua S. via FaceBook, May/June 2011​​​​​​​​

"Enjoyed every minute of it!!! Love all of you fabulous, wonderful ladies!!!" ... Kay L.

"We loved it!" ... Jayne T.

"What a wonderful production! Kudos to all involved!!"... Brenda G.

"This show is so funny! Great work to the cast! Loved it!." …  JoAnne M.

"That show was fabulous! I enjoyed it so very much! The best part was seeing both you [John Sansone} and Livi [Olivia Gillard] perform .Thank you for inviting me!." …  Tracy S.

"This was so much fun. You ladies rock!!"  ... Kimberlee W.

"Great, Great Show !!!!!! I have raved about it ever since. Best Wishes for the Holidays" ... Lance L.

"This was an amazing show! So much talent! Very glad I got a chance to see it! Sara Valego is extremely jealous!" ... Deejay I.

"This play was SO funny! Excellent cast!! Really loved it" ... Jody B.

"Such a fun show and great cast!" …  Beth W.

"Hello, I just attended your production of "A Christmas Carol", it was FABULOUS! Amber Harris, a friend of mine, had invited me and I was so glad that I was able to attend. Could you please put me on your mailing list? I would also like to reserve 2 tickets for your production of "Menagerie". Do you have dates and times yet for that performance? Again - I thoroughly enjoyed myself and look forward to attending more of your productions. Merry Christmas!" ~ Victoria C., E-mail received 12/06/2010​​​​​​​​

"Honky Tonk Angels was a friggin' hoot! Loved it! Great job, everyone!​" ... Christy W.​​​​​​​​

"It was great!!" …  Terri  W.

"Terrific show! So glad I was able to catch this" ... Ren D.

"Well, Y'all! I have seen Small Pond Productions' "The Glass Menagerie" twice and Traci, Chris, Amber and Bryan are just fabulous, and I mean fabulous. If you haven't seen it, it's not too late - there's a show tonight at 8PM and a matinee tomorrow at 2PM. Bravo to you for fantastic directing, Rich! Break a leg to all tonight!!" ~ Maria M. via FaceBook, June 2011​​​​​​​​

"So proud of my Momma [Jeanne Donohoe] and the cast and crew of Nunsense II in Marlborough !! It's a great show! ❤❤" …  Mandy L.

"Dinner with K... at the Thai Garden, a quality version of "The Glass Menagerie" featuring an excellent performance by Traci Booth, and drinks and appetizers afterwards with good friends that I need to make a point to spend more time with. :-)" ~ David F. via Face Book, June 2011 ​​​​​​​​

"Loved the show - everyone was so great!! Great job, everyone!! ..... Danielle B.​​

160 Main Street, Route 101, Marlborough, NH

"Loved the show....havent laughed that hard in long time!" ~ Carole C. via FaceBook, May/June 2011​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​​"Awesome play, so glad my daughter and I went!​" ... Nancy L.​​​​​​

"Josh Greenwald, you were amazing tonight at the 2nd showing of "A CHRISTMAS CACTUS" seriously.... You are really talented.. I enjoyed every minute of the play and I would encourage everyone to go see you in action..I would think you have been acting for years! Bravo! So great! Get to the show this weekend friends.. very entertaining." …  Wendy H.

​​​​​​​​​"What a fantastic show! Well done! Great cast! I can tell it takes hours and hours to put this together! " ... Marie M.​​​​​​​​

"My posts are disappearing -- so I will just say again -- congratulations on a great fun show --- wonderful job by everyone --- terrific music that really takes one back......... you gave so much joy to a full house --- if anyone is thinking of going tonight -- grab a ticket quick --- this terrific cast will leave you singing and tapping you foot for a long long time! Bravissimo!" ... Molly M.

Last updated: 12/05/2022

"This play was SO funny! Excellent cast!! Really loved it" ... Jody B.

"A touching tribute to children & peace during this performance xoxo!" ... Barb A.

"Great show!!!" ... Susan W.

​​​​​​"This was a wonderfully executed play, the music, cast, songs, story was superb! I couldn't take my eyes off Scrooge, he was terrific, thank you, it was great!" ... Pam W.​​

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR from KEENE SENTINEL, 12/06/2018 <-----------

"So proud of you [Josh Greenwald] and in awe of your abilities!" ... Margy S.

Our new ticket reservation line - 603-242-2314   e-mail smallpondinfo@yahoo.com 

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR from KEENE SENTINEL, 09/30/2017 ... "Theater production was outstanding: ​                  "My husband and I attended last Friday night’s production of “Oh! What A Night!” performed by the cast of Small Pond Theatre Group at the Community House in Marlborough. It was fantastic! The music, the songs, and the cast. The audience gave them a standing ovation. Bravo!" ... ROSE and WALT KOWALIW.

"I would go again, such an awesome show! 👍👍👍" ... Sarah O.

"Great job on stage tonight, Richard [Clough]! Thoroughly enjoyed the play." ... ​Joan W.

"Great fun tonight at the Small Pond Production's performance of "Oh What a Night!" Great 50's and 60's music! I am still humming and tapping my toes!! Congrats to everyone who performed! So glad I was able to go!" …  JoJo M.

"It was a great show!! So good to laugh with friends!!" …  Heather D.

"I loved it as well! And I especially love one of the actors [Josh Greenwald]!!!" ... Erica G.

"OMG! saw the show this afternoon. You all were awesome as always. Can't wait for the next one! Merry Christmas to you all!" …  Pam M.

"The show was FABULOUS!!! I recommend this show for everyone. Wonderful LOCAL talent!!!! Thank you for a great show! It was so much fun!!"... Carol S.​​​​​​​​

"I enjoyed the play so much. Looking forward to the next one. Everyone did a fantastic job" …  Nancy C.

To the Editor ...  "Congratulations to Small Pond Productions' cast and crew for the outstanding job presenting Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" here in Marlborough. To see the Community House chock a block full of people enjoying a classic was truly inspiring. Awesome cast and crew. Well done Small Pond Productions." ~ Kim S. of Marlborough, NH published in the Keene Sentinel 10/19/07​​​​​​​​

"Loved it. Can't wait to see it again.​" ... Louann C.​​​​​​​​

"You were all fabulous. My granddaughter is thrilled to have everyones autograph on her program" ... JuNelle F.

"It was great." …  Eleanor H.

"It was fantastic! Such great laughs!!" ... Heather D.

"Congratulations [Maureen McHugh]  on a beautiful, moving and major accomplishment -- such a memorable play -- loved being there to see it -- still stunned by your transformation from story to theater!!" ... Molly M.

"If I wasn't booked for the rest of their performances, I would have gone again... just to see what else might happen to them all, unexpectedly...:)"
~ Barbara A. via FaceBook, May/June 2011

"What a wonderful show!! Made me cry at the end...great actors, costumes and another wonderful performance by all. Thanks to Christy Lincoln for her exception promoting online for these events!! You are all amazing!" ..... Sue B.

"Fantastic picture of a treasured and talented cast!! Bravo" ... Lisa C.

"Such a great and funny show. Congratulations to all the cast and crew." …  Sue S.

"Well done [Heather Morrison]! Stoic yet not stern and sweet in just the right way. I thoroughly enjoyed your performance!! (Shout out to lovely Willow, too!)!!"... Heidi S-D.

"Saw Honky Tonk Angels opening night and it was wonderful....incredibly fun to watch and participate (sing-along) in :) ​" ... Carole C.​​​​​​​​

"Awesome show as always." …  Bob M.

"Very, very funny show! Congrats to all!" …  Alana K.

"The husband of our FOR REAL YOOPER Pat M. was in the office today and thanked us for the pic's with the cast, he said Pat LOVES them. He then went on to say "that was some performance, it did not seem like the actors were acting but that the audience was looking thru a window" KUDO'S GUYS that is extremely high praise and YOU ALL deserve it Mamma is PROUD!!!!!!" ... Traci​​​​​​​​

"A Christmas Cactus! So funny! Tara Gillard John Sansone and Josh Greenwald are fantastic." …  Ryan C.

"Non stop laughs! Great job by all, don't miss this show!" …  Meg K.